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Evolution Buildings

Our Evolution range includes state of the art relocatable, demountable buildings that replicate any world standard facility.

Car Showrooms

Whether you need a large-scale temporary showroom or a smaller structure to add to your current facilities, we supply a range of temporary car dealership structures with options to suit all requirements.

Airport Terminals

Big Space Solutions provide temporary and semi-permanent airport terminals in a range of specifications to meet a variety of client demands. These are constructed using the highest-grade, most durable materials.

Port Terminals

Our temporary port terminals can be customised to meet the specific needs of individual clients. These are built using the highest grade materials, ensuring the temporary structure is corrosion resistant and leak-proof.

Sports Halls

Temporary sports facilities by Big Space Solutions are ideal for all types of institutions; schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, etc. We can turn any outdoor space into a fully functional indoor sports hall.


Big Space Solutions can supply and install temporary and semi-permanent structure suitable for conferences and theatre performances, customising the building to meet specific requirements.

Retail Outlets

Our temporary retail outlets combine quality, efficiency and convenience, providing a hassle-free experience for you and your customers. A range of fittings and accessories are also available.


Temporary supermarkets can be fitted with a range of additional features, including climate control, sanitary facilities, lowered ceiling systems, rolling doors and automatic sliding doors.

High End Hospitality

Our Evolution Buildings can be customised to suit high-end events, such as horse racing events, festival VIP areas and more. Big Space Solutions design, produce and manufacture bespoke buildings to your specification.

Trade Shows

At Big Space Solutions we excel in the provision of temporary and semi-permanent structures for trade shows and conferences. Variety of sizes and structural styles available.