Sanitary Gate / Entrance Disinfectant Area for Covid 19

Sanitisation Gates/ Disinfection Tunnels

We are receiving a great number of enquiries around the same matter i.e. our Sanitisation Gates or Disinfection Tunnels, as Companies have to consider the challenges around getting their employees back to work as safely as possible.

Due to the serious global situation created as a result of Covid 19 Virus we have introduced Our Sanitisation Gates or Disinfection Tunnels

Our Sanitary Gates / Disinfection tunnels, represent a safe protection, and can be installed at the entrance of Public Offices, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Airports, Hospitals, Ports, Stations etc. which makes it possible for Companies / Businesses to sanitize their workforce, or to sanitize items before entering the workplace, helping to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Our Sanitisation Gates are retractable tunnels, made of aluminium, which is a naturally non-corrosive material, with all parts being easily replaceable in the event of damage. These gates are designed to last and can be easily relocated, extended and retracted back quickly. The outer covers are made of PVC which can be easily removed and replaced in individual sections if required.

How Do Sanitisation Gates/ Disinfection Tunnels Work?

The Disinfection Tunnels have an integrated hydraulic spray system capable of spraying any type of cleansers or sanitisers. They are equipped with internal arc-shaped atomizing nozzles which spray on the desired liquid disinfection spray. In this way, it is possible to hygienize or sanitize all surfaces, even those which are not directly exposed to the nozzles. The nebulisation system is connected to a control system capable of automatically mixing the water and the sanitising product at percentages indicated. Access to the tunnels is regulated by a traffic light with a motion detector. By placing a barrier floor inside the Sanitary Gate, it is possible to hygienize or sanitize the surfaces in contact with the ground.

We provide a fully assembled and ready to use tunnel equipped with atomizing system, traffic light, and motion sensor.

After the tunnel is placed in the desired area, it is either fixed to the ground or anchored with weights (available as an optional extra if permanent fixing is not an option) The control unit is then positioned close to the tunnel and connected to the electrical and water supply and the traffic light is then connected up.

Our Sanitisation Gates Come in Two Sizes:

We have two sizes of Sanitation Gates and our lead time is approx 2 weeks:-

  1.   2.50 M wide x 4 M long x 2.20 M high
  2.   4.00 M wide x 7 M long x 2.75 M high

The Larger Sanitary Gate also comes with front and rear curtains to store and decontaminate all equipment and emergency vehicles.

The PVC Covers are available in a range of colors and can be customized with branding and sign writing.

All of our structures components are CE Certified with Flame retardancy Certificates.