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Brexit Solutions

As a result of Brexit, we are very conscious of the disruption this may have caused businesses trading between UK and Ireland, and as a result of the necessary changes that have taken place with new Customs procedures and import and export rules. 

Here at Big Space Solutions we offer temporary warehousing solutions to help you negotiate your way through this confused and uncertain trading period.

We can construct extra semi-permanent buildings at your own premises to cater for this flux in trading or we can provide storage solutions for businesses operating from either within the UK or here in Ireland, at our own premises in Navan Co. Meath - just 50 minutes from Dublin Port. Having a medium to short term solution to your potential storage requirements or having a depot to provide you with a receipt of goods facility will alleviate any trading difficulties your business may be experiencing, and this will help you negotiate the Brexit dilemma. Big Space Solutions are offering you safe, secure, immediate trading facilities, to help you keep your business in synchronisation with your supply and demand requirements, and aid you in allowing you to onboard new customers seamlessly and to retain your existing customers in an effortless way.

Brexit Solutions

Big Space Solutions provides professional and reliable Brexit-Proof Solutions when it comes to your company’s storage options

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