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We have a broad range of design options to give you maximum flexibility

Product Design

With Big Space Solutions we make it easy for you to put together the components required for your structure. 

You can choose from the following:

A) External Wall Height:

Option 1) 3 metres

Option 2) 4 metres

Option 3) 5 metres

Option 4) 6 metres

Consider what you will be using your structure for and the height needed for that use. If it is for office space, with regular office furniture then a 3 metre structure will probably suit your needs unless you want to consider a Mezzanine floor when you will need at least a 5m sidewall. Alternatively, if it is for warehousing or storage needs and you are going to have machinery such as forklifts or trucks moving around in it, with racking systems in place, then a 6m sidewall may suit your needs better.

B) Type of Walling:

Option 1) PVC Coated Polyester

Option 2) Steel Cladding

Option 3) Fiberglass ABS

Option 4) Deluxe Insulated Sandwich Paneling

Again, consider what you will be using your structure for both in terms of security and in terms of insulation/protection. Will it be staffed (with work desks and computers) or will it be used to store products only? If the structure is being used for warehousing do the products you are storing need to be protected against the cold. Do you need to protect your products from unauthorized access?

PVC Coated Polyester

PVC Coated Polyester is our most basic walling system. Most people know it from its wide usage in tents and marquees. Both flexible and highly durable Polyvinyl Chloride (commonly abbreviated as PVC) Coated Polyester is budget-friendly and very easy to install.

Steel Cladding

Our Single Skin Steel Cladding takes the basic walling system one step further for the customer who needs that extra bit of solidity and security with their walls. It offers rapid coverage and swift completion of a weatherproof building envelope to give a high performance structure.

Fiberglass ABS

With its perfect weatherability, big insulation performance and high strength, Fiberglass ABS walling with airspace gives you the ultimate in temporary walling protection. A cladding that is commonly used as a permanent walling solution all over the world, with it's basic insulating properties our unique structure design allows us to utilize the advantages of this product in a long-term capacity.

Deluxe Insulated Sandwich Paneling

When you simply must have the very best in thermal insulation, strength, performance and visual appearance, our DISP system is second to none. Lauded by experts the world over, for an outstanding reliable robust mechanical performance, that is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, and with a variety of colour finishes you need look no further for your medium to long-term temporary solution.

C) Types of Roofing:

Option 1) Standard Single Skin Membrane/PVC Fabric

Option 2) Insulated double Skinned Thermo

Membrane/PVC Fabric

Delivering a simple combination of functionality and aesthetics, our Single Skin Membrane/PVC Fabric roof offers you a technologically advanced single ply roofing system that is both budget-friendly and effective, the perfect solution for shorter-term structure installations with low maintenance criteria.


The ultimate in temporary roofing, our unique air-filled, insulated thermo fabric system ensures the very best in air climatic conditions, providing optimum conditions for both offices and warehousing facilities. An easy-to-assemble system that is high in technical performance, with maximum strength and durability for all weather conditions, and with a marked reduction in wind noise, the Thermo-Insulated roof is a world-class leader in today’s dynamic, and ever-changing landscape. This kind of system will ensure there is no roof condensation.

For more information on the design and material options available to you, please contact us.

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