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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the financial benefits for me with this kind of structure?

No matter which structure you choose, a Big Space Solutions temporary building is quick and easy to transport, install, dismantle, relocate, extend or modify. In response to our customers’ needs, we provide you the customer with durability, quality and unbeatable value for money. Our buildings help businesses stay responsive and flexible in a changing economic climate. Choosing one of our structures enables businesses to quickly increase operational capacity with minimal cost, delay and disruption, and with the increase in storage capacity you can keep your transport costs down and enable efficient traceability of stock.

What sort of time frame do you envisage from initial expression of interest through to final construction?

The whole process would be expected to last around 6-8 weeks. After choosing and submitting the various options on our website, we will be in touch with you to clarify everything on the phone. If you wish to proceed further at that point then we will send a survey team from the company to do an on-site report on the proposed installation site. When the final details of the order are confirmed, following the site survey, then the various components will be ordered, with delivery to site usually within a three week period. Depending on the size of the installation, all constructions should then be completed within a 7-10 day period.

How much will the site survey cost me?

There is a one-off cost of €150 for this which is refundable when the order is confirmed, and all/any deposits are paid.

What preparations can I make before the site visit to ensure my site is actually suitable?

These can vary depending on the site and client expectations. As a minimum we need a flat (not necessary level) and firm site. In some instances we would recommend a concrete cube under the pillars. Sometimes it may be necessary to put a ground drain on the upper side of the site to stop water ingress to the ground within. All this can be decided at the site meeting, and any costs highlighted.

I am paying a monthly hire fee for the structure, what other costs would I be expected to have to pay on top of this?

Other costs that you are liable for are the set-up construction and the takedown dismantling costs associated with the structure. These are not included in the monthly hire fee. In our experience, for set-up construction this figure mainly depends on the type of walling used and can range from €15 per sq metre for PVC Coated Polyester, €19 per sq meter for Steel Cladding, €23 per sq metre for Fiberglass ABS, to €25 per sq metre for Deluxe Insulated Sandwich Panelling, which covers all labour, transportation and machinery costs. Takedown costs, are usually around 50% of the set-up cost.

To give an example:

Size of proposed structure: 15m width x 20m length. 

Thus Total Area = 300 square metres 

a) Walling Used = Steel Cladding Construction Set-Up Cost = 300 x €19 = €5,700 * 

Dismantling Takedown Cost = €7,500 x 50% = €2,850 * 

b)Walling Used = Deluxe Insulated Sandwich Panelling 

Construction Set-Up Cost = 300 x €25 = €7,500 * 

Dismantling Takedown Cost = €7,500 x 50% = €3,750 * 

* VAT of 13.5% will be due on all construction related costs 

Rest assured we will clarify and agree all the construction costs with you before final confirmation of the order.

Are these the only extra costs then?

Yes, this covers all the basic structure costs at our end. Anything else is up to you. So, if you want lighting, heating, electricity, flooring etc. whilst these are utilities and services that we can source and provide, it will probably be more cost effective for you to arrange these through your own network of local suppliers and contractors. For obvious safety reasons, we do require however that you keep us informed of any utilities that you do intend to install yourself

What about entrance doors, windows, guttering, roller shutter doors etc. being built in as part of the basic structure?

If you order these in advance, as part of your initial order then we will build these in with the initial construction at no extra cost. There is no mark-up for us with these, and the prices quoted are really competitive prices that we can get from our own supplier. It’s all part of our service.

What if I want to add in a door or window at a later date that I had not considered necessary at the outset, for example a year later?

This is not a problem. You can source the door or window through ourselves at that point and we will order and fit it for you, for an agreed price. Please understand that all structural fittings must be done by Big Space Solutions to ensure the ongoing safety, performance and protection of the structure.

What kind of framework do you use?

Depending on the type of walling and roof you choose, this will determine the strength of uprights and internal aluminium steel trusses and roof beams, that will be used to keep your structure together. The rule of thumb is that the thicker the walling and the heavier the roof then the heavier the gauge of aluminium required to hold it all together. E.g. For either PVC Coated Polyester or Steel Cladding walling with a light roof then a medium gauge aluminium pillar system should suffice, anything bigger than this then we will use a heavy gauge aluminium system.

Where do all the materials come from?

All of the materials are sourced and produced between Ireland, UK and Germany, and are at the keenest prices available anywhere today. However, we do shop around and constantly monitor prices to ensure that our customers are getting real value for money.

Are all the materials recyclable?

Yes, we have always been very aware of the environment, and the changes being brought in over the last 30 years. As a company we are totally committed to the various laws and regulations, with regards to environmental issues and sustainability.

Do I have to pay business/commercial rates on my structure?

Depending on its size and also how long it will be up for, you may be liable for business/commercial rates on your structure. We recommend that you seek legal advice regarding any potential liability. Alternatively, you can contact the Rates Office at your local county council to discuss and establish any potential liability also

Can I insulate my structure?

Insulation of a structure is something you should consider before you set it up. When deciding what structure to use, bear in mind at that point, what its end usage is for and whether insulation (and what level) is needed.

What if I need to change the original usage of the structure say two years down the line, and now have a need for greater insulation/thicker walls?

This is not a problem. Simply contact us by phone or send an email and we can discuss with you then what your updated needs for the structure are. Someone will then go out to your premises to meet with you and agree a plan of action for the new requirements.

Do I need insurance for my temporary structure?

We do insist that you do take out building insurance or even extend your current policy to cover all liabilities related to the structure, that are directly related to your business. Whilst our insurance covers us for the construction and dismantling, anything in between these two time periods is your responsibility.

Is it possible to get insurance on the building through Big Space Solutions?

Yes, we can offer structural damage insurance to you for an extra €0.30 per sq metre, to be added onto your monthly rental payments. For example if you have a 15m x 20m structure then the extra charge on top of your rental is €300 x 0.30 = €90 per

If a panel on my building gets damaged is it easy to replace?

Yes, it is possible to replace and we strongly recommend that any damaged panels are replaced as soon as possible. If you contact us by phone or email we will send someone out to you to immediately assess the damage. If you have insurance with us (see above question) then we will replace the damaged panels as soon as possible at no extra cost to you or your business. If a panel has been damaged through no fault of yours (or your company/employees/customers) then we will replace the damaged panel at no extra cost to you or your business. Please consider all of this when choosing the type of walling system at the outset.

Who will look after the general maintenance of my temporary structure?

We will carry out regular site maintenance visits as required to ensure everything continues to be in perfect working order. If you do find a fault please contact us and we will endeavour to sort it out as soon as possible.

Can I make the structure secure?

The higher the spec on the structure the greater the level of security you naturally have with it. However, as with all aspects of everyday life, given that if someone wants to break in, they will usually find a way, we highly recommend that you take the necessary steps to ensure greater security on your building as you would your existing premises. Big Space Solutions do not accept any responsibility for your structure security, or the safety of the contents of your structure.

Can I take the rainwater away?

Yes, if you purchase our guttering system with your initial order, we will fit it to your structure, and see that it is disposed of away from the building or piped into a tank if the client prefers.

Is it possible to put glazing in my structure?

Yes, if you purchase the glazing with the initial order, we will fit it to your structure. Our glazing panels are 2.5m x 3m, and you can have as many of these along the length of your structure as you wish. So if the length of your structure is 30m long then you can purchase 12 panels at 2.5m each to make the whole side glazed. Alternatively, you can purchase some of our other windows which are either 1.25m x 2.5m or 1m x 1m and have these placed along the side of your structure.

Can I drive a forklift inside my temporary building?

Yes, if you have a roller shutter door on the structure and have a wall height of at least 4m. Most of our clients who use our structures for warehousing have this requirement in mind when choosing their own particular set up.

What is the internal height of my structure in relation to my wall height?

The majority of our structures have a triangular gable end with the roof raised over a central beam, thus giving you greater height in the centre of your structure. This extra height is dependent on both the height of the walls, and the width of your structure, but is usually between 2-3m high. Thus a structure with a side wall height of 6m could actually end up being 9m high along the centre of your structure. We will clarify all these details with you when reviewing and discussing your order with you.

Can I place my structure on any kind of surface, and what type of floor is needed for it?

Whilst our structures are extremely versatile and can be placed on almost any kind of surface, it will be your end requirements that will determine what the flooring should be. For example if you have office space requirements or a warehouse requirement, and you wish to put the structure on a grass area beside your existing premises, then maybe a concrete floor will be needed. Whilst we can assist you with all this, you should look at your options with local suppliers also. In our experience, allow about €20 per square metre to put down a concrete floor. Bear in mind also, any access you will need in terms of machinery and personnel when putting down your floor. We will determine all of this when reviewing and discussing your order with you.

Who will prepare the site for construction, undergo the ground works on site?

This will be determined at the time of survey at which time the options will be discussed with the client. If the surface is not flat and firm it will require a certain amount of ground work and this would be more cost effective if the work was carried out by a local contractor.

Is there a snow loading for my structure?

Yes there is, and we calculate it according to the size and make-up of the structure. For most roofs, the duration of a snow load is brief as within a few days of falling, most of the snow slides off or melts. However, we always assume the worst-case scenario could happen in terms of Irish weather so we design and construct our roofs accordingly. If you’re structure is heated, this also has a major bearing on creating a lower snow loading.

Is there a wind loading for my structure?

Yes, and these comply with European guidelines.

Can I install a racking system?

Yes, and these comply with European guidelines.

Can I heat or air condition my building?

Climate control can be supplied & installed by ourselves, but this is normally left to a local supplier who is then responsible for its service and they can handle call-out situations faster and cheaper.

Can my panelling be of choice of colour?

Grey comes as standard on all our walling systems. However, if you do want a different colour, we can facilitate this on both our fiberglass walling and deluxe insulating sandwich panelling. There will be charge of €0.30 per square metre added to your monthly hire amount for this service.

Can I brand my building?

Yes, depending on the type of wall you have chosen for your structure, this will determine at what stage in the construction we can add the branding that you need. We have excellent relationships with several designers who can brand buildings in a very cost effective manner. The proposed cost of the branding can be offered to you at the outset if you wish to utilise this service.

Can I see what my structure will look like before it is constructed?

Yes, when we do an on-site report for you, our engineer will take a series of photos of the landscape where the proposed structure will be and our designers will do a 3d model superimposed on these photos so you can see exactly what your final building should look like in the context of the environment you have chosen.

Are there planning application issues with these kind of structures?

We would advise for you to have a meeting with with your County Council before proceeding. The most common application would normally be for a two year term, which is then subsequently extended if the usage is required for longer. Generally speaking, the planning issues around ‘Temporary Buildings' are more relaxed than for permanent buildings but this can be contentious and depends on what County Council you are dealing with, how visible your structure is in the neighbourhood, intended for.

What is the minimum rental period for our structures?

There is a minimum rental period of 12 months as installation and removal costs would make a shorter time period impractical for most purposes.

Does my building have a U-Value?

Please find below the different U-Values of the various components of your building - and depending on the choices you make i.e. which type of wall or which type of roof, will give your building an overall U-Value. 

Double Glazed Units - 2.1 W/m2K 

Single Glazed Units - 5.80 W/m2K 

Deluxe Insulated Sandwich Panelling – 0.62 W/m2K 

Steel Cladding – 5.88 W/m2K 

Single Skin PVC Roof/Gables and Walls – 5.72 W/m2K 

Thermo – Insulated Roof/Gables – 2.72 W/m2K 

Fibreglass ABS - 2.22 W/m2K

Can I custom order structure dimensions to precisely suit my needs?

Yes, however custom sizes that are produced specifically for your structure must be purchased outright and cannot be hired as they cannot be returned to our hire stock.

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