Loading Bays & Retractable Canopies

Our concertina system is so popular and useful for many applications:

Loading Bays & Retractable Canopies

  • Loading bays

  • Links between buildings

  • Temporary or permanent storage solutions

  • Player exits and much more

Tunnels are:

Tunnels are:

  • Aluminium framed

  • Flexible sizing up to 5m high, 15m long and 15 m wide

  • Small tunnels up to 3 mts wide and 2.4 mts high are supplied already assembled which you can simply fasten to the ground in a matter of minutes.

  • The roof material is POLY RS ADR from Sioen Coating NV, weight is 650 gr per square meter

  • PVC cover is practically subdivided into sections

  • All roofs and walls conform to BS5438 (British Fire and Safety Codes).

  • Frames come with a 5 year warranty.

  • Possibility to have windows, clear fabric, openings, fixed modules.

  • All models are available in special shapes and we can provide wall mounted units, and horizontal and vertical modules for directional or slope changes.

  • No foundations are required

  • Tunnels retract up to less than 5% of extended length.

  • Snow and wind loading according to EN 13782 :2006.

  • Individual components are CE certified.

Our steel and aluminium retractable canopies may look similar but they are actually very different!

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Why Aluminium?

Aluminium Does Not Corrode

Aluminium Does Not Corrode

  • Aluminium is a material that has excellent corrosion resistance

  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable

  • Aluminium is also not flammable and is seamless

Longevity and durability are very important to avoid frequent changes or repairs of the structures saving extra unnecessary costs. Any outdoor products made out of steel that are exposed to water will rust.

Aluminium canopies are suitable for installations in places like ports, biomass plants, airports, and they are very popular amongst powder coating companies, football stadiums, theme parks and much more.

Aluminium Is Lightweight And Easier To Install Or Relocate Than Steel

Aluminium is not as strong as steel but it is almost one third of the weight that's why our retractable structures  can be hand-operated whereas other similar systems have to be motorised with higher costs plus maintenance.

  • Lightweight structures can be installed in a few days, they don't require groundwork and are extremely operator-friendly.


  • All of our structures components are CE certified
  • Flame reardancy certificate are provided for all kinds of PVC fabrics.
  • Structures are chacked for load capacity in accordance with EN13782, DN 14th January 2008 Technical Standards for Construction and UNIEN 1991.
  • Products have a legal warranty of 5 years
  • The aluminium structure and the PVC covers used are 100% recyclable

Aluminium Tunnels Can Be Supplied Already Assembled And Are Quicker To Install And Easier To Maintain Than Traditional Steel Structures

Smaller tunnels like our Ready box 1 garage and Tunnel are supplied already assembled whereas the installation of steel structures may require heavy lifting equipment, foundations and extra manpower.