About Us

Big Space Solutions are a wholly owned Irish Company . We have vast experience in the supply of Semi-Permanent and Temporary Structures in Ireland. We are the only Irish based company dealing exclusively in temporary buildings and we have a wealth of knowledge to enable us to tailor an economically friendly solution to any requirement you may have.

We understand your needs better than anyone else out there today. Our founders have, between them, almost 40 years high-level business experience in the temporary buildings and structures industry, and we know that we can offer you the very best expert advice, with a solution ensuring that you have uninterrupted business continuity

Our choice of structures, walling and roofing can offer you a really feasible, flexible, alternative to a permanent building, without compromising on quality or durability. Our buildings not only look fantastic, they are highly functional and are very reliable. We have a range of choices to suit all requirements, from the very basic right up to state-of-the-art temporary buildings that can stay up for many years.

What is a Temporary Structure?

Structures erected to aid in the construction of a permanent project. Temporary structures are either dismantled and removed when the permanent works become self-supporting or completed, or they are incorporated into the finished work.

A temporary structure from Big Space Solutions can be installed on your site in under a week and you will solve, in doing so, all the expensive logistical problems of controlling a rented unit which is in an industrial park.

A Temporary Structure can be built on existing level hard ground without the need for foundations or groundworks. It offers a real alternative to a traditionally built building, saving costs and time. A temporary structure from Big Space Solutions can be dismantled, and relocated if required, whenever your needs might change.

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No matter which structure you choose, a Big Space Solutions temporary building is quick and easy to transport, install, dismantle, relocate, extend or modify. In response to our customers’ needs, we provide you the customer with durability, quality and unbeatable value for money. Our buildings help businesses stay responsive and flexible in a changing economic climate. Choosing one of our structures enables businesses to quickly increase operational capacity with minimal cost, delay and disruption, and with the increase in storage capacity you can keep your transport costs down and enable efficient traceability of stock.

The whole process would be expected to last around 6-8 weeks. After choosing and submitting the various options on our website, we will be in touch with you to clarify everything on the phone. If you wish to proceed further at that point then we will send a survey team from the company to do an on-site report on the proposed installation site. When the final details of the order are confirmed, following the site survey, then the various components will be ordered, with delivery to site usually within a three week period. Depending on the size of the installation, all constructions should then be completed within a 7-10 day period.

As a minimum we need a flat (not necessary level) and firm site. In some instances we would recommend a concrete cube under the pillars. Sometimes it may be necessary to put a ground drain on the upper side of the site to stop water ingress to the ground within. All this can be decided at the site meeting, and any costs highlighted.

Please visit the FAQ Section of this website to answer many of your immediate questions about temporary structures.