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Northern Ireland Warehousing

Big Space Solutions have been supplying Northern Ireland with temporary and semi-permanent structures since 1996 with a wide range of products to suit all requirements. In particular, with the onset of Brexit, we specialise in temporary warehousing and storage facilities in the Port of Belfast and at different entry points across Northern Ireland, to alleviate projected customs delays. We have been working with many companies in Belfast and in and around Northern Ireland to help them manage their warehousing requirements on foot of this unpredictable trading experience, by supplying them with semi-permanent, insulated, long-term storage buildings which can be easily dismounted and taken away once the Brexit dilemma has resolved. This resulted in no large capital outlay for our customers, and the flexibility of hire meaning they are not locked in for any great period of time, should the current emergency shortage of storage resolve in the short-term.

Setting in place suitable plans to mitigate any potential disruption caused by Brexit is vital for businesses based in and around Northern Ireland. Temporary warehousing is an effective solution to many of the potential risks caused by Brexit, as it equips your business greater flexibility to adapt to any disruptions in trade caused by Brexit. Speak with a member of our team today to discuss construction of a semi-permanent structure for your Northern Ireland business.

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